Benjamin Carrison

Nevada Licensed Home Inspector

Experienced and Certified

Benjamin Carrison

Hi, my name is Benjamin Carrison, licensed professional home inspector and lead inspector with Equity Home Inspections here in North Las Vegas.

I have been in the construction, real estate and home inspection business now for 20 combined years. Over that time, I have seen more, learned more, and honed my skills as your home inspector.

Our company was (and still is) founded on hard work and a focus on our clients. A home inspection is not something that we take lightly. A home inspection will affect you and your future – for better or worse.

That is why we have worked to even add to our experience, which is already extensive. We do this by gaining additional training each year, providing additional services, and following the highest standards in the inspection industry.

So if you are looking for a home inspector who has experience, who has the best training, who stays ahead of the rest with continuous training, and who uses the latest technology, then contact us at Equity Home Inspections.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Your house is more than a house, it’s¬†your home. So don’t trust your future to someone with less experience and training. Contact us to schedule¬†YOUR home inspection today!

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